Friday, 14 November 2014

Dale Chihuly; Beyond The Object

Between the 8th February 2014 and 21st June 2014, the halcyon gallery in London hosted an exhibit by American Artist Dale Chihuly. Beyond the Object; aimed to respond to the interior architecture of the building by changing the space with hand blown glass sculptures. 

Unfortunately this exhibition was something i stumbled across on the internet rather than got chance to go and visit myslef, which was a shame because i can imagine the ambience/feeling/mood, things that arent experienced through viewing a photograph are especially important when experiencing work of art such as this.

"What I've always really been interested in is space. Even when I made a single Cylinder or Macchia, my interest was always in space. I was thinking not of the object itself, but how the object would look in a room."Dale Chihuly

- Sheryl Garratt. (2014). The Glass Menagerie. Available: Last accessed 10/11/2014.

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