Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Materials - Corten Steel

With my gallery design project in mind i started looking at exterior building materials. I've always loved corten steel and researched some images of beautifully cladded corten steel buildings as inspiration and considerations within my own design.

Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center, Hungary by Foldes Architects

Of the design, Sian Disson (2013) of  World Architecture news, quoted Laszlo Foldes, Chief Designer at Foldes Architects explaining: “Instead of the straight translation of the brief, such as creating a volcano shaped museum building, we wanted to capture the true substance of the location. According to our concept, the raw materials, the homogenous grey of the concrete, the lava inspiration colour of the corten steel, and the flue-like arrangement of the space, deliver the spirit and essence of a volcano.”

(Sian Disson. (2013). Faultless Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center completed by Foldes Architects . Available: Last accessed 05/12/2014.)

Shanghai West Bund Biennial Pavilions, Shanghai, China by schmidt hammer lassen architects

Vanke Triple V Gallery, Tianjin, China by Ministry of Design

"Sitting on a concrete plaza, the gallery immediately grabs one's attention with its dramatic zig-zag form and rugged Corten steel shell."

- (Admin. (2012). MOD designs the Triple V Gallery for China's largest developer . Available: Last accessed 05/12/2013.)

Can Gili Footbridge, Granollers, Spain by Alfa Polaris

"The client and the designers looked for a solution with reduced whole life cost and environmental burdens. As a result the team, led by structural engineer Xavier Font, chose Corten steel (whose rusted skin protects itself from further corrosion) for the structure."

- (Admin. (2010). Alfa Polaris designs new footbridge to merge two previously divided neighbourhoods . Available: Last accessed 05/12/2014.)

Shoreditch Rooms, London, UK by Archer Architects llp

(World Architecture News. (2014). Top Ten: Corten Steel. Available: Last accessed 05/12/2014.)

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