Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Green Roof Systems

What are Green Roofs?

"A green or living roof is a roof or deck onto which vegetation is intentionally grown or habitats for wildlife are established. There are different types of green roof and it is important to understand that each type functions and looks different. This is because each green roof is unique and provides a different type of habitat, water storage capacity and energy saving potential.
Green roofs can be extensive - implying shallow substrate depths and load nutrition, through to intensive - which can be similiar to roof gardens.At present there are no specific British Standards relating to green roofs. However most if not all elements of green roof materials are covered by either a BSI standard or a German DIN standard, as described in the German FLL Forschüngsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftbau's (Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society) Guidelines for the planning, execution and upkeep of green roof sites. The 2011 GRO Codr provides UK specific green roof recomendations." 

- (Admin. (2014). What are green roofs?. Available: Last accessed 10/12/2014.)


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