Thursday, 15 January 2015

Gallery Design Presentation

Yesterday i presented my finished Gallery Design Project. My design focused on the journey from the street and through the building, allowing people options and in certain spaces changing the behaviour of how art is viewed. In places my design has been direcctly influenced by alot of the research presented within this blog, whether it was researched for the purpose of my project or not. In particular the social value and the spatial psychology research has directly influenced my design desicions and spatial requirements of the interior spatial development of my design.

Gallery One
From the street the design chanels you towards the large glass front door, on the way you pass tall thin cut out windows that allow you tiny glimspes of the interior experience, teasing you before the space is revealed. Disconnecting certain wall connections by a few centimeters and added voids in the first and second floors allow natural light to create interesting shapes within the space, and also builds a connection between the three floors and the different spaces within these floors, previewing and pulling you into the building.

 street view  Goldsmith Street

street view elevation

entrance render

entrance render 

whole building exploded view

 first floor render
section - south 

second floor render

 section - west

 double height gallery space (with second floor viewing deck) render

 pinned up in the forum in the new newton part of the city campus

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