Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Psychology of Space

As im currently working on a gallery design project i have become interested in the psychology of space. One of the problems ive found throughout this project is that the physical environment has to be a backdrop and that the art or content is the main feature of the space. I found stripping back and designg purely for the building journey and not for astetic purposes a re-freshing challenge. Previously, durring my under-graduate studies and beyond i have designed spaces that as well as obviously serving a function also look aestetically pleasing. This is not to say that art galleries cant be beautifully designed, as my previous research shows, but that the interior architecture of a gallery can be limited. Focusing my design on the journey or the emotional spatial experience rather than the astetic i started researching the psychology of space and found a lecture series by a Professor Tim Stock of Parsons New School For Design. The professor released his lectue on The Psychology of Space on Slideshare, below i have featured some extracts of the lecture which i found to be of particular interest and would help me in moving forward with my gallery design. I have also included the link to the whole lecture slideshow as i found the entire thing of great interest even if not immediately directly relevant.


Tim Stock. (2010). The Psychology of Space (Design Research Methods). Available: Last accessed 12/1/2015.

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